Power Dynamic QR on your designs – it's easy!

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Sign-up and create your first dynamic QR code 
and microsite for free.

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Download and pop your QR Code 
into your design. Wow your clients with digital transformation!

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Get your clients to sign-up through your affiliate link and handover the project to your client.

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Earn 25% commission on each recurring payment from your affiliate sales.

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Smart packaging - the next big marketing channel

Packaging is no longer just a container, it's an experience and opportunity to connect with your customers and drive growth.

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Level-up your design services

Add extra value to your clients, win more work, upsell and earn affiliation. Go beyond the box and design digital links and packaging experiences.

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Design sustainably. Go digital. Save £’s and trees

Save paper and valuable packaging real-estate. Provide extra digital detail like explainers and guides to elevate the customer experience around your products.

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Earn through affiliation

Use your affiliation link and earn 25% commission on each recurring payment from your referrals.

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Surprise and delight customers

Experiential content can become pivotal moments in building excitement and satisfaction for both your client and their customers.

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Forever editable – that's Dynamic QR

Update your QR link at any time, even after going to print, or simply update your microsite with new links and content!

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