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30 TikTok content ideas for DTC brands

Tania Arellano Tania Arellano
Mar 17
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Tiktok users are growing in exponential numbers with 2 billion app downloads registered in the first half of 2020 alone. Available in over 40 countries and with a steady growing number of active users, there’s no surprise why direct-to-consumer brands are desperate to get on TikTok. 

But navigating this young and trendy platform can be confusing at first. Especially since your marketing team has its hands full creating amazing content on Instagram.

On this list, you’ll find great examples of DTC brands that are currently creating on spot content that will give you the confidence to finally make the jump into TikTok.

Plus, we’re sharing 30 TikTok content ideas you can try for your brand today. Ranging from cool collaborations with influencers to easy peasy video ideas you can execute from your WFH desk.

If you want to skip to the freebies, you can download the 30 TikTok content ideas for DTC brands list here!

On this list, we’ve divided these content ideas into 2 categories: Skincare and Cosmetics and Food and Beverages. If you’re a DTC brand in a different category, don’t exit the tab just yet. You’ll find that most of these ideas can be applied to your DTC brand too!

Here we go:

Cosmetics and Skincare

1. Morning/night routines: Curology

2. Skincare routines from influencers: Function of Beauty

3. Before and after testimonials: Bubble

4. Fans favourites: Frank Body

5. New products: Everyday Humans 

6. Unboxing: Topicals

7. Original songs and dances: Glossier

8. Product how-to's: Kaja Beauty

9. Product close-ups: Alleyoop

10. News and announcements: Tower28

11. Ingredients list: Romer Skincare

12. Product textures: Ritual Cosmetics 

13. Product recommendations from influencers: oVertone

14. Product reviews: Supergoop

15. Discounts and promos: Myro

Food and beverages

16. New product launches: Dreampops

17. Product descriptions: Kencko

18. Ingredients list: Bev

19. Introducing the founders: Blender Bombs

20. Introducing team members: Bohana Life

21. Flavors available: Ugly drinks

22. Stockists: Rae Wellness

23. Packaging: Behave

24. Branding tips: Poppi

25. Merch: Smart Sweets

26. Giveaways: Huel

27. Product closeups: Ruby

28. Behind the scenes: Guia

29. Costumer’s testimonials: Bimble

30. Recipes: The Good Ritual


If you’re new to TikTok, it’s hard to imagine what kind of content is right for your DTC brand. Luckily, there are lots of brands out there who have taken the first step into this platform and have created content that is not all viral dance moves but is equally engaging for their audience and profitable for their business. 

Download the 30 TikTok content ideas for DTC brands list here and get creating!

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