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Bio link alternatives. A comparison of bio link tools

Tania Arellano Tania Arellano
Nov 09
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We set out to make, better, fun interactive experiences that people love, in the form of microsites, funnels, feedback forms etc. So it made sense that we covered one of the most important tools for the social media space that is sometimes understated: The bio link.

After polling several Social Media Managers and analysing 100+ Instagram bios, we came to the conclusion that the best link in bio tool out there is: none of them. 

That’s right. Social Media Managers can’t agree on whether a list of buttons is better than a grid of images. Or if users value branding over simplicity, whether the URL should be in their own domain, or if anyone really cares at all.

This was shocking to us. Think about how much money goes into your Instagram strategy:

  • Social Media Manager salary
  • Content Creator salary
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Post scheduler subscription

Can you relate? Is your perfectly curated grid taking your time and money not converting the customers you need? When you ask your followers to take action on your captions, is the only gateway to your brand a link in bio that is too often broken, unbranded, not mobile-friendly or just impossible to navigate?

Why is this happening? There are plenty of bio link builders out there that have unique compelling offerings. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones, what makes them great and what they lack: by Later is a clickable grid that allows you to link your external URL to your feed posts. It’s mobile-friendly and pretty simple to set up via the Later platform. The most outstanding feature in is the product tagging powered by a Shopify integration.

However, customisation in is little to none. Meaning you can’t have any branding or flare and, because it’s basically the same Instagram grid with no captions, audiences might find it hard to know exactly what a specific post is about. is free to set up, but in order to get the analytics you need, you’ll have to subscribe to Later for $19 a month. stands out thanks to its simple concept: copy-paste your external URLs into a list of buttons. 

Their free version is quite limited, but Linktree Pro unlocks features including customisable background and buttons. Plus an analytics panel and social integrations like Mailchimp, Facebook, Youtube and Zapier.

It's easy and simple to use but the branding customisation is limited.  Brands who rely on visual stimulation might find this option an incomplete one.


On Milkshake app, you can create what they call an Insta website. Mobile-friendly, micro-sites that live behind the bio link. Similar to our previous tools mentioned here, you can use Milkshake to take followers to external URLs in a more branded format.

Milkshake offers cards to build your micro-site organically and a variety of templates and branding assets like fonts, colours, and photos. As well as a basic insights report to see views and clicks.

The app is completely free to use but only available on IOS.


What have we learned from these tools? They can absolutely work for a lot of brands, yet we thought there was still so much more that could be done. So we challenged ourselves to make the ultimate link in bio tool for brands who are not satisfied with a couple of colourful buttons or an unbranded grid.

We knew we had an amazing tool that could potentially be the most powerful link in bio builder out there, so we partnered up with our friends at Little Cooks Co to find out how this could look like!

Little Cooks Co is the UK’s first healthy cooking kit for kids. Not only do they deliver a cooking kit right to your doorstep, but they also offer seasonal new recipes, a monthly subscription and run a weekly newsletter with new launches, discounts and more. With their new link in bio, their followers can now easily access all of these key sections of their website, prompting them to take action.

Plus, they were able to make it 100% on brand. Including their own assets, choosing their brand colours and adding seasonal GIFs.

With tapkit, you can build an interactive bio link from scratch that holds not only your external URL links but also email capture forms, polls, and include cool branding assets like Gifs and even videos.

We believe in the power of engagement, so we thought that every user clicking on your link in bio deserves the best experience you can offer. Interacting with pickers and polls is an amazing way for your brand to stay on top of the user’s mind whilst you gather super relevant information received from this interaction.

On our reports panel, you can see in detail all of your user’s activity while their visit to your link in bio. You can view email leads, feedback and click activity.

We think we have the most powerful link in bio builder out there, and we’re excited to help brands get more from your Instagram’s bio. So sign-up and design a free bio link for your brand today!

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