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Optimizing your social giveaways

Joshua Andrews Joshua Andrews
Dec 17
5 min read

Everyone’s down for winning some FREE stuff. So it’s no wonder brands of every size, from the small start-up candle maker to the high-street chain, all include promoted giveaways as part of their social strategy. They’ve proven themselves time and time again as an easy and effective way to grow engagement with new and existing audiences.

And the holiday season is prime time for scoring yourself some free stuff, as giveaways start showing up left, right, and centre. And brands are all following the same rule book and missing out on a killer opportunity. Let’s break it down.

Here’s how most giveaways work

  • Like this post (engagement)
  • Follow @account (audience/following growth)
  • Tag friends (advertising/growth)

All good and well for growing your social marketing.

Here’s how to optimize your giveaways one level deeper

  • Like this post (engagement)
  • Follow @account (audience/following growth)
  • Tag friends (advertising/growth)
  • Bio link sign-up for an extra chance to win (newsletter growth)

Growing your social marketing and capitalizing most from the content by simultaneously growing your newsletter audience.

Using a tapkit built bio you can capture emails directly from your bio and integrate with third-party mail clients. This means your bio can automatically convert newsletter growth and pull customers into your email lifecycle campaigns like magic. Not to mention, you can make it fully on-brand with unrivaled customization, and with FB pixel integration retarget your ads to bio visitors.

But don’t take our word for it. The proof is in the (Christmas) pudding. Take a look at Little Cooks Co who recently launched their 12 days of Christmas giveaway using this strategy and a tapkit bio.

They featured a hero Christmas section, with competition sign-ups, within their bio and saw fantastic results:

  • 1,664 bio views
  • 1,280 bio actions taken
  • 691 newsletter sign-ups
  • 295 other Christmas link clicks

Customizing your bio to work alongside your content strategy can work wonders for social conversion. Transform your button bio into a designer bio that’s branded, smarter, and free to get started.

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