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The power of Tapkit Pro

Joshua Andrews Joshua Andrews
Jun 16
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Thinking of upgrading? Subscribing to one of our two paid plans – Grow and Pro - comes with lots of benefits. These low cost, affordable plans unlock a host of added features to help you further brand, engage and optimize your conversions. Let's dig into it:

All these plans help you build microsite experiences at key mobile touchpoints across your customer journey. Tapkit's user-friendly builder helps you create isolated experiences without the need to edit your mothership website - saving you resource, time and money. To learn more about our use cases and what's possible see out platform pages.


$15 month / billed yearly
$19 month / billed monthly

You're looking to: Fully brand your social link site and turn social followers into email subscribers autonomously. Plus experiment with other interactive content.

Grow is our package solution designed for social media managers and growth marketeers, with a primary focus on optimising social conversion.

Features you'll unlock:

Increased caps

Go from a 5 project limit to 20

Go from 100 lifetime email leads to 1000

Custom fonts & removal of Tapkit branding

Unbadge your projects and bring in your brand fonts to better represent your brand across your links

Meta Data

Useful for SEO purposes and for hosting your own privacy policies

Automatic Integrations

Email integrations for Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot

Automate emails captured in your links to automatically feed into your email client newsletter audiences/segmentations. Fab for converting more of your social followers into email subscribers.

Integrations for Facebook Pixel

Add additional tracking to your links with FB Pixel to retarget ads to visitors and help build your lookalike audience profile - meaning you're helping optimise any ad spend and get the most likelihood of conversion.

Integrations for Zapier & Webhooks

Setup custom events and triggers with our zapier and webhook functionality.



$36 month / billed yearly

$48 month / billed monthly

You're looking for: All the bells and whistles - unlimited data, uncapped project creation. You want to build social link sites, manage QR codes and campaigns, gather feedback and create interactive microsites all with your own domain URL.

Pro is our all guns blazing solution designed to get the maximum benefits of Tapkit. Designed for the brand manager, digital marketeer, designer, customer experience lead with a primary focus on unlocking microsite creation.

Features you'll unlock (Everything in Grow including):

Domains and Subdomains

Host all your projects on your own domain handle. The standard link is but with this feature you can host completely customised URLs to match your business. e.g or

Logic: Smart Result Frames / Endings

Access our Smart frames - endings you can change based on a customers interaction with your tappable link. Great for customising CTAs, quizzing or making product recommendations

Raw Data Download

As standard all data is shown in an 'overall' state within the report panel. Access the ability to download per-user 'raw' flow data into csv. to segment and further analyse data. Important of data analytics is your jam.

[QR Studio]

Unlock access to claim and manage dynamic QR codes (codes you can change links to at any time - even after being printed), track their performance and build QR campaigns with our all-in-one QR studio. A mega unlock for packaging or in-store experiences.


All our plans come with a 14 day free trial period and can be cancelled at any time. If you have any questions about our plans or your subscription don;t hesitate to get in touch with us through

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