Increase completion rates with on-brand feedback

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Speak, look and feel true to your brand with full customisation and layout

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Tap into mobile-culture with stickers, gifs, video, widgets and more.

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Gather unique data off your customers choice and opinions.

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Branded bite size feedback get approx x2 the response rate.

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Collect first party data and open feedback

Get insights into your customers choices and preferences and find out what they’re looking for from your brand.

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Gather rich insights and data

Get a comprehensive view of performance with our report panel and analyse overall or individual responses.

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Surface at key mobile touch points – social, QR, SMS, web

Add feedback to packaging QR codes to gather insights at the moment of unboxing. Or try embedding on a webpage, adding to your bio link or sending via SMS. 

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Branch different actions off sentiment

With Smart Result Frames you can personalise your endings to best suit each and every customer.

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